This is the Dragonfly builders/fliers list. If you've just joined the list, please introduce yourself! We have a friendly gang here and it helps to know what people are interested in.

The Dragonfly is a low-cost, homebuilt sport plane with a canard planform. The canard design provides low wing loading to produce exciting performance with a wide variety of engines and brings the added plus of exceptional stall resistance.

You can pick from three different landing gear configurations:

The original Mark I (MK I) is best suited for paved runways and wide taxiways, due to its wide wheel spacing.

The Mark II (MK II) was designed to allow builders to fly from narrow runways and grass strips. It would be suitable for operation from any field that would be used by factory built aircraft.

Although not an official designation of the designer, there is a variant of the MK II that is know as the MK IIH due to its hoop style landing gear. The landing gear may be made of composite materials or aluminum.

The final aircraft in the Dragonfly family is the Mark III (MK III) which has a tricycle landing gear configuration. It was designed to retain all the good looks of the Dragonfly while offering excellent ground handling and easy landing characteristics.

DRAGONFLY SPECIFICATIONS (According to the Manufacturer)

Configuration – Canard. Seating - 2 (side-by-side).

Cockpit Width - 43".

Construction - Moldless foam/fiberglass composite sandwich.

Empty Weight - 605 lbs. (1835 V.W. Engine).

Gross Weight - 1150 lbs. (1300 with additional spar lay-ups).

Stall Speed - 48 mph indicated.

Cruise Speed - 165 mph.

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